We go above ground level. And below.

True to the motto `Even the stones that have been placed in ones path can be made into someting beatiful´ (Erich Kästner), we act as `problem solvers´ and accompany and support our customers from the initial idea to the completion of the construction process.


Primarily, construction engineering structures have to fulfill high professional standards on functionality, safety, constancy and sustainability. As object planners, we are aiming to find the most economical and sustainable solution which fulfills, besides the requirements of the structure, the creative aspects. Our performances in the field of construction engineering comprise and deal with all phases of the complete spectrum and planning, from basic and preliminary planning, to design, implementation and completion planning, the tendering process, award of contract, object supervision and support.

Due to our considerable experience in construction engineering, our certified inspection engineers contribute to the early recognition of damages, which leads to a minimum effort in restoring them. With our in-depth expertise, we would like to assist and support you with the planning and supervision of remedial maintenance work.

As certified safety and health coordinators (SiGeKo), we provide all services in terms of the German Construction Site Ordinance and according to the RAB 30 regulations (regulation for occupation health and safety on construction sites, guidelines for all work carried out on construction sites)

Object planning and planning of structural framework of bridges, noise protection walls, tunnels and exit-and-entry trough structures, retaining structures, supporting structures and temporary building pit support systems for all work phases

Structural design in the field of hydraulic construction and flood protection

Structural design for car parks and underground parking

Execution of building inspections of bridges, tunnels, supporting structures, noise protection walls, traf c signs bridges, rainwater retention basins and shafts according to DIN 1076

Preparation of as-build documentation according to DIN 1076

Planning of concrete remediation and remedial maintenance works of bridges and tunnels, water and wastewater treatment plants as well as car parks and underground parking

Object planning of traffic facilities

Recalculation of existing bridges on the basis of the recalculation guideline

Object-related damage analysis/inventory recording/planning and performance of building structures diagnostics for the evaluation of the existing building fabric (rebound hammer, carbonation measurements, concrete cover measurements, measurement of chlorine equivalent)

Local site supervision, site management and claim management

Coordination of construction site safety according to RAB 30 in the planning and execution phase

Feasibility studies and competitions for civil engineering structures