CSZ in Frankfurt: A push into the future of the Main metropolis

With the opening of a subsidiary in Frankfurt, CSZ is consolidating its presence in one of Europe’s leading economic centers and opening up promising prospects for further growth and success. Frankfurt, as a hub for business, finance and innovation, offers CSZ ideal opportunities to establish itself as a strong provider in the region. The city is not only known for its dynamic economy, but also for its ongoing infrastructure projects and strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

To date the CSZ office is located at Lindleystra├če 8a in Frankfurt. In July, the company plans to relocate to the ATREEUM on Hanauer Landstrasse, which is known as one of the most sustainable and innovative office buildings in Frankfurt. In addition to modern workspaces, the ATREEUM offers spacious green areas that create a vibrant environment for both employees and the local flora and fauna. The decision to choose the ATREEUM as the location for the new branch underlines CSZ’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. It illustrates how companies in Frankfurt can contribute to creating liveable and future-oriented working environments.


­čôŞ Photo: Source Swiss Interactive AG
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