We are a group of independent planning and consulting engineering companies with our headquarters in Darmstadt. Trust, competence and reliability are the key values within our companies. These values are in fact more than a corporate mission. They symbolize a way of life that permeates every aspect of the way we work and do business. Our strengths lie in the powerful synergy of our staff and our commitment to always striving for the best solution.

With more than 100 specialized and motivated employees worldwide, we support you during planning and realization and our timely and accurate results in structural design, building services, building physics and fire protection have ensured quality and enhanced performance, giving our customers a competitive edge in the market place.

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CSZ Ingenieurconsult CORNELIUS-SCHWARZ-ZEITLER GmbH is a dynamic multidiciplinary engineering company founded by three civil enginees from Darmstadt, Dr.-Ing. Volker Cornelius, Dr.-Ing. Peter Schwarz and Dr.-Ing. Winfried Zeitler.

Initially being an engineering company only focusing on structural design only, the CSZ Ingenieurconsult CORNELIUS-SCHWARZ-ZEITLER GmbH nowadays acts as a holding company for a bunch of engineering companies offering a contemporary and diversified portfolio.

Since the inception of CSZ, our engineers have designed and contributed decisively to the success of a great number of individual smaller and larger building projects, being involved in all aspects of the built environment.