New construction of the building of the Frankfurt Institute
for Advanced Studies (FIAS)


Beginning of construction:   2006
Completion:   2007
Usable floor area:   3,927 m²
Gross floor area:   7,840 m²
Building volume:   14,390 m³
Total costs:   3.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design


The FIAS building consists of a main building with 4 floors and partial basement with an area of 784 m². The basement is used for the housing of the technical building equipment and as archive. The upper floors are used for office and institute spaces; on the staggered floor in the 4th floor are seminar rooms as well as a cafeteria.


The building is made of a solid, water impermeable basement of concrete supporting a reinforced concrete framework. The ceilings are designed as point supported, two-axle spanned floor slab and enable a barrier-free installation of the technical building equipment directly to the concrete ceiling.


Bilfinger Berger AG


DW Plan, Darmstadt; msm Meyer Schmitz-Morkramer, Darmstadt