CSC Ploenzke Business Center Rhein-Main, Abraham-Lincoln-Park


Beginning of construction:   2000
Completion:   2002
Usable floor area:   51,421 m²
Gross floor area:   58,700 m²
Building volume:   175,465 m³
Total costs:   61.4 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics

Building project

The office and administration building will be used by CSCPloenzke AG for its German headquarter. It is located along a main road to downtown of the state capital Wiesbaden. The building has a two story underground parking area for 630 cars. The stories above ground feature an exclusive entrance area, two malls with bistro and a restaurant hall with kitchen area suitable as well for multipurpose events. Eight meeting areas are designed for conferences. The office space is equipped either for "standard" or "flexible" office use.


The building consist of three wings with four to six stories above ground and two underground levels. Base plate and exterior walls consist of a water impermeable reinforced concrete without joints. The thickness of the base plate varies and has a maximum thickness of 1,5 m. The structure above ground consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton with flat slabs and shear walls.


Strabag Hoch- und Ingenieurbau AG, Darmstadt


Kauffmann, Theilig und Partner, Stuttgart