Overpass A67 from Mannheim to Groß-Gerau, motorway interchange Darmstädter Kreuz


Beginning of construction:   2003
Completion:   2003
Total costs:   235,000 €

Scope Of Planing

Object Planning
Structural Design


On the occasion of a routine inspection a severe damage on the benching of the skewback on the Mannheim side was detected. A shell-shaped excavation arised under both bridge bearings; the crack width was found continuously approx. 1.0 cm.
The tangential arrangement of the bearings, which are lengthwise movable, produced a forced moving direction in case of temperature changes in the construction. This direction did not correspond to the moving direction along the direct connection from the movable to the fixed bearing, along which the construction would follow without any forces. Even the constructive configuration of reinforcements in the benching did not have any effect on the resulting constraining force.
The reconstruction planning retained the existing bearing concept as a basic principle with regard to a minimisation of the intervention into the traffic on the bridge. The longitudinal and crossways fixed bearing remained on the skewback on the Mannheim side; the existing all-side movable slide bearings on the columns were not modified, and the bearing on the skewback on the Groß-Gerau side was constructed as longitudinally movable and crossways fixed and arranged alongside the direct connection to the fixed bearing.
The broken out parts of the skewback Mannheim were cleared out and substituted by a new concrete benching, whereas the introduction of the horizontal bearing forces into the skewback was assured by a newly arranged “lying frame” with rear mounting in the existing return walls.


Continuous beam of prestressed concrete across 4 slabs
Total length 138.0 m
Max. span width 40.0 m

Reconstruction masses:
Concrete 59.0 m³
Reinforced concrete 7.0 t
Elastomer bearings 4 pieces


Amt für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen, Darmstadt