Park and Ride


Beginning of construction:   2000
Completion:   2001
Gross floor area:   15,047 m²
Building volume:   48,305 m³
Total costs:   307,000 €

Scope Of Planing

Construction Engineering Verification of Buildings

Building project

During the enlargement of the west district of Darmstadt, the park and ride house has been constructed. The building surface consists of a stainless steel mesh which covers an area of about 700 m² on the front sides of the building and along the ramps. It provides a transparent appearance for the building. A system of pre-stressed coils and tension bars contribute to the dynamic stability while minimising the use of material.


The main structural elements of the façade, which is in the field in front of the ramp self-supporting, consists of vertical tension bars between a cantilevering steel truss at the top of the building and the exterior concrete wall of the basement.

A system of coils provides the required stiffness to the load-bearing elements. Since the coils are pre-stressed, the amount of tension is always sufficient, even if temperature changes cause elongation of the material. In the case of wind load, the coils provide enough flexibility for limiting the reactions at the supports. For the coils, standard products of the automotive industry were used.

The stainless steel mesh is attached to horizontal chords, which in turn are attached to the tension bars. The mesh consists of two layers, the grid size is 40 x 40 mm, the wire thickness is 2,5 mm.


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Lengfeld und Wilisch, Darmstadt, Deutscher Stahlbaupreis