Parking Darmstadt Hospital


Beginning of construction:   2001
Completion:   2001
Usable floor area:   27,165 m³
Gross floor area:   4.7 mio. €
No. of parking places:   320

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Fire Protection


The absence of columns as well as parking places with capacious dimensions offers clarity and a feeling of security to the users. The open, multi-storey frame with structural elements of steel-concrete bond ceilings obtains its cubic form by means of cable-braced façade with grating elements of aluminium. The upper parking level (picture at right) with visible cable construction and sun protection is persuading due to the clarity of the constructive elements.
The girder is made of compound steel structure with partially prefabricated reinforced concrete solid floors in split level construction with trailed cable braced façade.
The building was awarded with the Deutscher Stahlbaupreis (German award in Steel Construction) in 1998.


Klinikum der Stadt Darmstadt, vertreten durch die Bauabteilung


Lengfeld und Wilisch, Darmstadt