Sound Barrier for a Residential Area


Beginning of construction:   2005
Completion:   2007
Usable floor area:   400 m²
Height wall:   2.5 m
Total costs:   350,000 €

Scope Of Planing

Object Planning
Structural Design
Sound Immission Protection

Building project

The existing residential area shall be protected from the traffic noise of the Autobahn BAB 6 in its vicinity. At the moment, the area is protected by an earth dam, whose effectiveness is reduced by a road cutting through the dam. In order to improve the noise protection for the neighbourhood, an additional sound barrier wall shall be erected on the top of the dam with a height of 2.5 m to 3.5 m. The benefits of the wall have been investigated for different positions and heights. The investigation included the prognosticated increase of traffic up to the year 2015.


Stadt Viernheim