Development for the expansion of the city centre


Beginning of construction:   2004
Completion:   2004
Traffic area:   5,200 m²
Channel length DN 900:   230 m
Water pipe:   250 m
Total costs:   80.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Object Planning


In the course of the expansion of the existing city centre, a housing estate for elder people, a new town hall with citizen hall and a market hall including the required infrastructure was planned.
Within the scope of the first stage of construction the market hall including the new car park with the corresponding connection to the road was realised. The delivery to the market hall is effected via an access in the area of the car park.
The car park disposes of three inner parking islands each owing a double-row of parking bays, the parking islands outside possess each one row. The dimensioning of the road superstructure for the developing area was realised according to RStO 01 (German regulation for the standardisation of superstructures for traffic areas). The access road to the market hall was executed in design classification No. IV (pedestrian area with delivery traffic), the drive around the car park in design classification No V (adjacent owner) and the parking bays in design classification No. VI (footpath and cycle path).
The surface water of the traffic areas is discharged into a back pressure channel DN 900, which is connected via a regulating plant to the public network. A new fire water piping in type of a ring line was installed in the area of the car park.


Stadt Raunheim und Domos GmbH (ab LPH 5)

General Planning

CSZ Ingenieurconsult GmbH, Darmstadt