New construction of the Chemical Institutes
of the Technical University of Dresden


Beginning of construction:   1998
Completion:   2001
Usable floor area:   6,512 m²
Building volume:   58,737 m³
Total costs:   35.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design


The first construction phase of the new building of the Chemical Institutes, which has been completed in 2001, includes laboratories and practical course rooms, seminar rooms, offices and functional rooms as well as a central chemical store. These rooms are used by the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The first phase forms an angled structure. In the second phase it is planned to expand the building into southern direction and to oppose to the existing angle a second angle on the side anticipated to the road.


Building with four to five levels as reinforced concrete structure with load bearing interior brick walls; partition in four structures separated by expansion joints; foundation on a jointless reinforced concrete floor slab; basement walls and floor slab are waterproofed concrete structures; optimisation of the construction period due to a high degree of prefabrication.


Freistaat Sachsen, vertreten durch den Staatsbetrieb SIB, NL Dresden


Architektengemeinschaft aTU; Klein & Sänger, Dömges + Partner München