Basic renewal of the Bahnhofstraße


Beginning of construction:   2005
Completion:   2006
Traffic area:   4,000 m²
Channel length DN 600:   150 m
Water pipe:   100 m
Total costs:   465,000 €

Scope Of Planing

Object Planning Engineering Work
Object Planning Traffic Facilities


The basic renewal of the Bahnhofstraße of a length of approx. 400 m between Gabelsberger Straße and Mühlstraße in Gunderhausen was necessary as the existing full-depth asphalt construction showed heavy damages on big surfaces. Moreover, a missing footpath on the south-eastern side of the street was built during the measures. The existing footpath on the north-western side was completely renewed.
The new superstructure of the driving surface was realised in asphalt according to design III, RstO 01 (trunk road according to German regulation for the standardisation of superstructures for traffic areas). The existing drainage plants were investigated via video control. Due to detected damages the channel DN 600 including the corresponding house connections was renewed in certain section. Furthermore, the existing water pipe including house connections was renewed of a length of approx. 100 m and the street lightning network was extended.


Gemeinde Roßdorf

General Planning

CSZ Ingenieurconsult GmbH, Darmstadt