New Teaching and Research Building for Physics


Beginning of construction:   2003
Completion:   2005
Usable floor area:   13,500 m²
Gross floor area:   28,000 m²
Built-up area:   7,000 m²
Building volume:   140,000 m³
Costs of structural works:   22.5 mio. €
Total costs:   50.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Object Planning
Thermal Building Physics
Sound Insulation and Room Acoustics
Fire Protection
Impact and Vibration Protection

Building project

The construction of the teaching and research building withauditorium, lecture rooms, laboratories, shops and office space started in 2003. The total fl oor area amounts to 28,000 m². The building consists of four wings which are connectedby a glazed hallway. Experimental laboratories and shops are located in a front building. The planning of the building physics comprised the thermal insulation (summer and winter conditions, room temperature simulation for the connecting hallway and rooms with south and west exposure), sound insulation, acoustics and vibration isolation for the laboratories. The temperature zones in the building vary depending on the use:
- offi ce and lecture rooms with normal temperatures and natural ventilation using windows
- experimental halls and shops with reduced temperatures and mechanical ventilation
- the connecting hallway with reduced temperature in winter, but a green house similar warming in summer
- rooms without heating in the basement being connected to heated zones
- rooms with low temperatures in the rooms for technical building equipment
- lecture rooms with air conditioning
- laboratories with ventilation
The German regulations for the energy conservation had to be observed. The loss of thermal energy via thermal bridges and the ground have been analysed in detail. The warming of the building under summer climate condition in the rooms withmsouth and west exposure has been simulated including the effects of shading by blinds, the thermal capacity of the mass and other building elements. The climate in the connecting hallway is enhanced by controlling the air convection through automatically opening and closing of the windows on the north and the south face of the building.


State of Hessia, represented by Hessisches Baumanagement, Zentrale, Frankfurt/Main

Type of award

HOAI contract