New Central Waste Water Treatment Plant and Conversion of the Existing Plant into a Flash Flood Retaining and Treatment Facility


Beginning of construction:   1994
Completion:   1996
Total costs:   123.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design

Building project

An increased amount of waste water and enhanced quality requirements for the treated waste water required a completely new facility for a population equivalent of 300,000. The existing basins were converted to retain and purify surface water.

The planning included the structural design of a variety of buildings, the largest being three aeration basins with the dimensions of 125 m x 32 m x 8´7,5 m. All basins consist of monolithic water impermeable concrete. The analysis included stresses due to seasonal temperature gradients. Most of the buildings are connected by a bridge system carrying electrical power and gas, data lines for the process control, a piping system for pressurised air, hot water etc.


Basins and vessels consist of monolithic water impermeable concrete. The bridge system with a total length of more than 400 m is a steel truss bearing system on concrete columns. Buildings for operation control, laboratory, offices, training center, machinery are masonry/concrete structures.


Südhessische Gas und Wasser AG, Darmstadt

Facility design

Dr. Dahlem Ingenieure