Remodelling and Expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Griesheim


Beginning of construction:   2002
Completion:   2005
Total costs:   13.9 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design

Building project

The increase of the population and higher demands on the quality of the treated water required the remodelling and the expansion of the waste water plant of the city of Griesheim. Since the construction was carried out during operation of the existing facilities, a thorough co-ordination of the individual steps of construction was necessary. The structural design for the following buildings was carried out by CSZ:

pumping station
sedimentation basin
grit - building
aeration basin
ventilation building
sewage compaction
digester vessel
gas tank
final sedimentation
control building
filtrate basin


The new aeration basin was constructed as a monolithic water impermeable concrete basin with dimensions 51 m x 42 m x 6 m. The basin was built in two steps in order to maintain the plant in operation. All other basins and vessels are monolithic concrete structures as well. The buildings consist of masonry/concrete structures.


Magistrat der Stadt Griesheim

Facility design

aquadrat ingenieure