Modernisation and Extension of the Waste Water Treatment


Beginning of construction:   1998
Completion:   2005
Total costs:   55.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design

Building project

The waste water treatment plant started its operation 1910 with a sedimentation basin and a mud pumping station. Over the past it has been continuously expanded and improved. The latest major extension and enhancement of waste water treatment satisfying today’s requirements has been finalised in 2005. The project involved the remodelling and addition of the following buildings:
- new ventilation building
- new sedimentation building
- remodelling of machinery station
- remodelling of grit and filter hall
- new garages with emergency power plant
- extension and remodelling of pumping station


Basins consisting of monolithic water impermeable concrete structures; new and existing buildings consisting of concrete/masonry structures


Magistrat der Stadt Hanau

Facility design

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