Swimming pool in the rehab hospital Aukammtal


Beginning of construction:   2003
Completion:   2004

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics


The rehab hospital Aukammtal to which the swimming pool belongs, was built in 1975. Considerable damages on the construction of the swimming hall and the swimming/therapy pool were discovered. These damages had to be detected. Furthermore, the effects of the damages on the bearing capacity and the durability of the construction had to be assessed and the corresponding reconstruction measures had to be proposed.

The swimming hall and the basin were constructed of reinforced concrete. The basin has separate joints to the hall construction and disposes of its own foundation. The plant rooms for the water treatment are situated under the passage round the swimming pool. The load-bearing construction of the passage lies flexibly on the truss of the walls of the basin. The reconstruction of the basin was realised by fixing a steel construction with stainless steel wall into the existing basin.


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