Housing construction Fürstenberg-/Greifenhagenstraße


Beginning of construction:   2002
Completion:   2003

Scope Of Planing

Overall planning
Object Planning
Structural Design
Technical Equipment
Thermal Building Physics
Sound Insulation and Room Acoustics
Sound Immission Protection
Development Measures


The INDUSTRIA Bau- und Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH planned the housing construction on their estate, land parcel No. 13/7, in Hanau-Großauheim. The land has a size of approx. 4000 m² and is situated in the so-called “Waldkolonie” in the intersection of the Fürstenbergstraße into the Vosswaldstraße.

According to the INDUSTRIA quality housing concept five twin-houses of INDUSTRIA low-energy house type 560 as well as row houses of INDUSTRIA low-energy houses type 537,5 (3 units) and type 560 (2 units), in total 15 accommodation units, were constructed. All houses owe a full basement. The basements are built as waterproof concrete.

The five twin-houses are developed via a new path. At a later date, this path may be designated as public traffic area on the basis of a site development contract between the city of Hanau and the INDUSTRIA Bau- und Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH. Due to this, the planning of the drainage, the supply (e. g. street lighting) and the traffic facility are based on the development specifications of the city of Hanau.


INDUSTRIA Bau- und Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt

Over all Planing

CSZ Ingenieurconsult GmbH, Darmstadt