Restaurant Building “Nizza”


Beginning of construction:   2001
Completion:   2002
Usable floor area:   700 m²
Gross floor area:   1,300 m²
Building volume:   5,400 m³
Total costs:   5.5 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics
Fire Protection

Building project

The restaurant building is located on the banks of the river Main in downtown Frankfurt. The glass façade on three sides of the building offers a view over the river. The building is used in the ground and upper floor as a restaurant. The basement contains kitchens and service areas for the outdoor restaurant along the boardwalk of the river. Since the building is located in the flooding area of the river Main, the building itself as well as the basement are designed for partial flooding of the river banks. The main entrance area is provided with a wide cantilevering roof.

Building project

Reinforced concrete structure with wide spanning flat concrete slabs on composite steel-concrete columns. The foundation consists of reinforced concrete piles due to the location of the site close to the river and the presence of the remains of old sewage channels. The basement consists of water impermeable concrete; the building is designed to resist bouyant forces during a flood. The cantilevering roof over the main entrance consists of steel girders.


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