Residential Area incl. Infrastructure Projects


Beginning of construction:   2001
Completion:   2003
Cost 1st constr. phase:   2.6 mio €
Total size area:   20,000 m²
Roads:   2,000 m²
Costs for infrastructure:   1.5 mio. €
Shell construction:   8.7 mio. €
Cost 2nd constr. phase:   3.9 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Overall planning
Object Planning
Structural Design
Technical Equipment
Thermal Building Physics
Sound Insulation and Room Acoustics
Sound Immission Protection
Development Measures

Building project

Design of a residential area including buildings, roads and the complete infrastructure, supervision of the construction


Industria Bau- und Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH, Offenbach


Overall planning works by CSZ