Reconstruction and expansion of the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palmengarten


Beginning of construction planned for:   2008
Total costs:   33.5 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics
Sound Insulation and Room Acoustics
Building Inventory Verification


Reconstruction of the ballroom and of the architectural heritage listed building, deconstruction and erection of an extension for kitchens and banquets.


The awarded layout (Chipperfield Architekten, Berlin) of the architectural competition is careful with the historic built volumes. The extensions in the West wing built during the years after the war (approx. 1950 until 1956) will be removed and substituted by a new wing for banquets, technics and kitchen.

Considerable investigations of the existing buildings and samples were necessary in order to comply with the new requirements on the bearing structure, which result particularly from the installation of the stage technics, the mobile lifting platform and the centre stages above the ballroom in the historic ceiling construction.


Der Magistrat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main,vertreten durch das Hochbauamt


Chipperfield Architekten, Berlin – London