New Banking Building Metzler


Beginning of construction:   2002
Completion:   2003
Usable floor area:   15,000 m²
Gross floor area:   24,000 m²
Building volume:   102,400 m³
Total costs:   38.4 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics
Fire Protection

Building project

The new administration building - on the site of the former multi-story car parking garage “Theater” in Frankfurt - with 9 floors above ground and 3 underground floors, two of them being used for parking, one for building installations.

Building project

Due to the optimisation of the structural elements and minimisation of the space requirement for the building equipment in an early stage of the planning, it was possible to gain one
additional story for office space while maintaining the building volume. The architectural appearance and the good integration in the city concept as well as the optimised economic building efficiency were acknowledged by the first price in an architectural contest.
For the minimisation of the height of a story, flat slabs in all stories; three underground stories with water impermeable reinforced concrete, foundation on a sloped base plate
Retaining walls with overlapping concrete piles and three layers of anchors
Planned demolition of the existing building, stabilisation of the remaining structure by planned removal of the existing concrete walls


Leasinggesellschaft Frankfurt


Seifert Planung, Darmstadt