Otto-Berndt-Halle: Student Hall Mensa I


Beginning of construction:   1998
Completion:   2000
Guest area:   2,015 m²
Food supply:   551 m²
Building volume:   25,000 m³
Total costs:   8.6 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics
Fire Protection

Building project

The Otto-Berndt-Halle, which is the centre of the remodelling project ”Mensa I City”, is a part of Darmstadt’s history. Its past goes back well into the 18th century. It influenced the city life in former days as an upper class city centre. It has been used as a dinning hall, military exercise hall, gymnasium and event centre. In 1980, it has been closed to the public due to inadequate fire prevention. The refurbishing and rehabilitation of the Otto-Berndt-Halle, which is a preserved historic building, and its lateral extension buildings on sensitive soil conditions called for high standards of the structural design and planning of fire protection.

Building project

The structure of the historic hall consists of concrete and masonry walls. All concrete elements were enhanced and reconstructed to satisfy the requirements of structural stability and fire protection. A new addition with partly prefabricated elements was constructed. Because of the difficult soil conditions a pile foundation was necessary for the new building.


Land Hessen, Staatsbauamt Darmstadt


Professor. E Voigt, voigt + herzig architekten und ingenieure, Darmstadt