Extension of hall C of terminal 1 at the Frankfurt airport


Beginning of construction:   2005
Completion:   2007
Usable floor area:   26,800 m²
Gross floor area:   38,200 m²
Gross building volume:   approx. 160,000 m³
Total costs:   90.0 mio. €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design


In order to create more space for passengers and useful area, gate C at terminal 1 at the Frankfurt airport was extended by 150 m. The four level building offers in the first and second floor space for passengers and additional retail and office areas; the extensive technical building equipment is placed in the basement and in two mezzanine floors as well as on the roof.


The load bearing structure consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton construction with uniaxial spanned half-finished fragment ceilings placed on main and secondary concrete girders. In certain areas, single bearings were made out in steel composite construction in order to overbear great span widths with small cross-sectional heights.
Columns and braced walls were realised in in-situ concrete. Ceilings and girders of secondary order (in certain areas partially pre-spanned) were designed as partly prefabricated elements with subsequently added site-mixed concrete in order that besides the main girders all horizontal structural elements could be produced in short time without local formwork.
To minimise the cross-section of the bearers and to avoid high local reinforcement concentration as well as due to the short-term completion date high-performance concrete (C 80/85) according to the latest technical possibilities was used.


Strabag AG


Mäckler, Frankfurt/Main