Long-time experience and special knowledge in all technical sectors of civil engineering

As an independent planning and consulting firm for civil engineering CSZ Ingenieurconsult GmbH disposes of long-time experience and special knowledge in all technical sectors. A continuous exchange of experience within the company ensures that each client benefits from know-how that enables a smooth realisation of building projects as well as an economic and ecological proper use of their funds.

Sustainable construction starts with the planning and includes the total lifetime of the building

The analysis of alternative drafts and the involvement of construction, maintenance and operating costs in the decision making have great importance on the optimisation of the total construction project. By means of workshops, internal trainings and an approved quality management we guarantee that our customers will receive extensive consultancy and state-of-the-art planning quality. Considerable technical software, measurement technology and means of communication support our employees in planning and supervision of a project.

Satisfied customers are the best recommendation for new projects

To meet the stipulated deadline, to keep the costs within the agreed budget and to achieve outstanding quality are the keys of the philosophy of the company. CSZ takes great efforts to meet its clients wishes completely.