Expertise in Constructing Engineering

We are working on the creation of a standardised European norm in Civil Engineering as well as in the national NABau. For the approval of new constructions and components and their further development we elaborate expertises and advise the construction industry and the supreme construction supervision. We create evaluations of damages on buildings for private owners and on behalf of courts as experts. Even the establishing of preserving evidence expertises is included in our scope of performance.

Energy Consultancy

The development of the costs for energy – and thus the operating costs for heating and cooling of buildings – have important influence on the live cycle costs of a building. Expenses for the reduction of power requirements may amortise in short time. The standardised Energy Performance Certificate for Buildings documents the status of your building and represents an important criterion in case of renting or sale of a property. We make thorough plans how to minimise the energy requirements of your building and cost-benefit equations either for new buildings or for the energy improvement of existing built volumes. Thereby, the application of so-called regenerative energies is carefully reviewed and evaluated.

Feasibility Studies

The decision, if an existing building can be redeveloped, is often depending on the evaluation of the residual carrying capacity of the construction. In case of listed buildings non-destructive testing procedures and model calculations have to be executed in order to obtain information about material properties and carrying structures.

Fire Protection

When elaborating a fire protection expertise, the safety-related total evaluation is made out with regard to the demands of preventive, plant-engineering, operating and protective fire protection. All information, recommendations and regulations to restrict the fire danger are summarised by our expert engineers in an expertise, which forms the base of further plannings. At the same time, this expertise is an important element in the authorisation procedure. In addition, it rules the demands made on the fire resistance of the carrying components. These requirements have to be proven in the planning of structural framework (see as well structural fire design of load-bearing components).