Construction of a new central warehouse at the ‘Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden’ compound


Beginning of construction:   2008
Completion:   End of 2009
(building fabric May 2009) :  
Effective area:   5800 m²
Gross floor area:   2800 m²
Gross volume:   36.900 m³
Total cost:   14 m €

Scope Of Planing

Structural Design
Thermal Building Physics
Fire Protection
Power Engineering Consulting


As part of the infrastructure activities for a new coal-fired power plant, the sophisticated prefab component construction for the new central warehouse, including an office level and rooftop information center, is currently arising. The building under construction has a base area of 2400 sqm and will accommodate a 10m high – area by area dynamically rail-mounted - high-bay racking with state-of-the-art logistics. At the upper floors high-quality office space with a structurally integrated component cooling system as well as an information center, including representative exhibition and seminar rooms, will be realized. CSZ is entrusted with structural design and building physics.

Due to the different requirements of the office and information center area at the upper floors and the widely column-free storage and logistics space at the ground floor, the entire load coming from the supporting structure of the upper floors is transferred via a support grid with span width up to 18.75 m. The foundation of the interior columns, loaded up to 7.5 MN, at the former Rhine alluvium was realized by pile foundation, in conjunction with an elastically supported ground beam. For upgrading of the subsoil and to ensure the high demands on the evenness of the foundation by the dynamic carrier-push-back racking system, more than 2000 additional mortar and gravel columns were placed using vibro displacement densification.

Thus soil exchange of the up to 6 m mighty alluvial deposits was completely avoided, whereby both the construction costs as well as the construction period were significantly reduced. With the high degree of prefabrication of the load-bearing design, and innovative solutions in close cooperation of the planning team, the architect (Braun, Darmstadt, Germany) and the client, the building shell could be completed on schedule within only 6 month, despite a considerable inactive period caused by the harsh winter of 2009.


Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG I


Heinz Braun, Architekten und Ingenieure, Darmstadt