Structural Design

Either high-rise building, bridge or tunnel construction … the structural safety of your building has top priority concerning structural design.

The selection of adequate materials and construction methods as well as functional requirements determine to a great degree the supporting structure and influence their robustness as well as costs and time of construction.

We accompany you starting from the design draft, during the approval procedure and on supervision of the execution of construction work. The skills and the experiences of our engineers guarantee a construction state-of-the art.

We are operating as well in special sectors such as dynamic loads by machines or lines or structural fire design in proof for fire resistance.

Technical Building Equipment

Installations of the heating, ventilation and sanitary engineering has developed during the last years to high-tech devices. Our engineers know the approved and innovative systems and plan in order to meet an optimum cost-benefit ratio, even in consideration of the follow-up costs during operation time. Electrical systems in medium voltage and low voltage as well as communication systems and automatic control systems belong to our scope of work. Within the scope of a sector construction supervision we supervise the installation of these systems and check their faultless function. At the request of the building owner we train the operating staff or we assume the facility management.

Site Supervision

We verify the correct realisation of the planning on sites at home and abroad in order to guarantee that your building will have the promised characteristics, and we supervise strictly the construction costs as well as the completion dates.

Our engineers are experienced in the application of the contract procedures (VOB, FIDIC etc.) and are well grounded in planning laws and administrative regulations. Our controls include as well the utility of the used materials and the co-ordination of the involved staff.

Our safety and health co-ordinators (SiGeKo) dispose of extensive knowledge in the field of safety at work and health protection and contribute to minimise interference in the construction process, accidents and inactive periods.

Civil Engineering Examination

With Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Weiß as review engineer for structural design of metal and solid structures we officially account on behalf of building permit authorities or under private law by order of the building owner for ensuring the safety and quality of building construction. Pursuant to the well-proven four-eyes principle, we independently check static calculations and working drawings for compliance with the official technical building regulations. For controlling the proper implementation on site, the construction execution is also supervised. With our expertise and experience in building construction we see to that serious deficiencies in the construction and consequential cost are avoided.


We detect forces, deformations and vibrations by means of our own electronic measurement devices. The scope ranges from Steifenkraftmessungen in excavations, testing of load bearing capacity of dowels and anchors, small deformations in the range of 10-3 mm to floor vibrations in residential, office and industrial buildings. Moreover, we dispose of a complete calibrated acoustics measurement device which is able to determine fast, accurately and efficiently acoustic properties and acoustic insulation values.

Building Physics (Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation, Humidity Insulation, Architectural Acoustics, Room Acoustics)

Inner and outer sound insulation (architectural acoustics) as well as the guarantee of optimum thermal indoor comfort require an intensive processing in the first planning stages. On the basis of suitable construction materials and components a great percentage of heating and/or cooling costs can be economised. We do not only consider outer heat insulation but as well the heating resulting from using different devices. The operation of three computer workstations in a room produces as much heat as a fan heater in middle position. We are planning room acoustics and sound insulation for residential and office buildings, but also for broadcasting studios and big assembly rooms. We dispose of a complete measurement system for the determination of acoustic properties and for the verification of the sound insulation values.

Development Planning

The development of a real estate includes the connection in terms of traffic and supply to the municipal infrastructure. Different sectors (water, waste water, telecommunication, electricity, traffic facilities) have to work effectively together in order to provide a reliable supply for the subsequent construction.

Due to our long-term experience, even abroad, we are able to assist our customers when choosing a new industrial location. For the creation of infrastructure and urbanistic contracts we co-operate with renowned offices.